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Since 2010, Marcfields-Capital Management has been servicing clients in corporate finance, capital markets and investments.

The personalized services provided is what Marcfields-Capital Management have been their main credential. Acting as financial fiduciary and holding engagements in capital markets transactions, including venture-backed, private equity and structure finance is an array of the firm's strongest set of services.

Under the basis of a client's financial needs for example, we will originate, managed and secure relationships with executive levels including fund administrators, fund directors, auditors, corporate bankers, in-house and external counsel, national networks of external agencies, investors (syndicate), private equity firms, asset-managers for the overall oversight of projects to meet those needs in the form of structuring vehicles of sourced capital.

Our Services:

  • Strategic Financial Planning (corporate planning and oversight of financial performance, risks, opportunities)

  • Financial Analysis and Reporting (financial statement analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and performance metrics)

  • Cash Flow Management (cash management strategies to improve working capital)

  • Capital Planning and Funding (capital planning for debt and equity financing, mergers and acquisitions)

  • Financial Leadership and Mentorship (strategic advisory)

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