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Capital Management

Marcfields-Capital Management corporate doctrine is solely concentrated on three core principles: Management, Analysis, and Research for the fostering and preservation of financial and social returns. We support the financing projects that have a positive social and/or environmental impact in the US and Canada, and other locations such as in South America, Central America, Caribbean, Western Europe and the Commonwealth. In this world of cyclical economic change and adjustment of fiduciary commitments, the simple concept of corporate opportunity lies on three general objectives as the determination to whether such opportunity belongs to a corporation rather than to a delegate within an organization: the line of business; the interest or expectancy; and the equal opportunity.

Renzo A Mazzini | President/CEO


With an overall of 20+ years in corporate finance, capital markets and investments, his corporate vision started in 2010 when he decided to open his advisory firm as a financial fiduciary and engage in capital markets transactions, including venture-backed, private equity and structure finance. Along these years, he managed relations with fund administrators, fund directors, auditors, corporate bankers, in-house and external counsel, national networks of external agencies, investors (syndicate), private equity firms, asset-managers for the overall oversight of projects worth more than $170M. He is a natural strategic partner, an investor, and a startup mentor.


Private Placement

  • Capital Raising

  • Investment Rounds 

Private Equity

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (buyouts, pre and post)

  • Working Capital (Growth Equity)

Structure Finance

  • Credit Finance (Short Term)

  • Infrastructure Finance (Middle to Long Term)



Private Placement

USA-MEX | USD 3M | Mobile P2P Money Transfer (Customer Centric Model)
USA-DRE | USD 1M | Multi-Platform P2P Kiosk Payment System for Supermarkets (Customer Centric Model)

Private Equity

USA- ARG | USD 10M | IT Security Mobile Solution (residential and commercial establishments)
USA- ISRL | USD 20M | Aerospace-MRO Security & Inventory Tracking Solution 


Structure Finance

USA-PER | US 5M | Seafood IQF Packing & Distribution | SBLC
USA-COL | USD 11M | Food & Beverages Freight Forward Solution | SBLC + Loan 
USA-GER-PER | USD 6M | Ag-Tech Solution & Farming Facility | Syndicate + Mezzanine Loan
USA-GER-COL | USD 20M | 5.7 kW-capacity Hydropower Plant | SBLC + Loan
USA-GER-PER | USD 25M | Renewable Energy Plant | Credit Line
USA-GER-PER | USD 100M | Farming and Alternative Energy Economic Opportunity Zone | Credit Line


Marcfields-Capital Management

66 West Flagler St, Suite 900, Miami, Florida 33130

Phone: +1-305-741-5630

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