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Profit & Loss

Myth: Public opinion is only allowing profits to be recognized as long as they do not exceed the salary paid to an employee.

Fact: Public opinion does shift their point of view on the control of capital to employ in the best possible way for the positive output on the retained earnings.

The more profits earns, the greater the wealth consequently becomes. Whatever is embarked on to inhibit or to seize profits impairs this function. The result of such measures is to loosen the grip the consumers hold over the course of production. What makes businesses excel is not spending, but saving and capital accumulation.

Excellence to a Solid Profit & Loss 1. Understand and Exercise your business Mission, Vision and Objective 2. Do not measure anything that is easy to measure… be simple and realistic 3. Ditto # 2 … be simple and realistic 4. Be critic and impersonal on your business performance 5. Remember is your boat, currents can rip you apart … quickly 6. Understand the real insights impacting your cash flow 7. Get funded… fast then save 8. Build a Business Plan and Pitch It. 9. Save and accumulate capital! 10. Bring on partners…. If you trust them.

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