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SaaS Modeling

Business Modeling for provider of enterprise mobile cloud technology. The company provides applications focused on company engagement with sales teams, employees, partners and customers. The company offers an agnostic platform with a set of stencil apps that can be customized for rapid deployment, as well as analytic tools to generate performance data. The technology also leverages the company’s mobile cloud services (MCS), that serve as a backend to the apps, and provide messaging, content distribution, application management and user provisioning.


Financial Analytics. Structure capitalization ratios to estimate proceeds levels of investment in the range of Angel, Series A and VC to maximize IRR -internal rate of return)

Research and Development. Distort the market in the mobile payment industry by emphasizing marketing mix with a top of the line platform)

Strategic Advising (continuous improvement of business model)

Capital Placement (raise capital from an array of investment vehicles)

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