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Gaining Momentum for Analytics

Learning to improve business performance through analytics is not a specific science. It is not a yet very analytical. Finding the formula that unlocks interest in your organization is key. Motivation on leaders and understanding of such formula leads to create the interest in applying analytics towards business problems and opportunities.

Here are ways to build momentum on three common scenarios:

  1. A well-defined business problem or explicit improvement opportunity lands itself to analytics. The target may be clear, but management motivation may not be high enough if functional managers own the problem. Maybe elevating sponsorship, especially if the analytical solution is cross-functional. SOLUTION: Focus on leadership

  2. The typical executive can recognize that the business is neglecting a hoard of valuable data associated with an operating process (e.g., point of sale data, claims history). SOLUTION: ensure data is ready; you have a target… not a vague charter.

  3. Top management understands that a strategic business opportunity (important to business performance and growth), depends on analytics. This insight should be the ideal scenario for generating momentum; however, any delay may frustrate management’s expectations and intentions leading to have an opposite effect. SOLUTION: be realistic about own readiness, skills at managing expectations and your own ambition to succeed. Be tactful.

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