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How are your Financial Indicators?

From the financial spectrum, many performance indicators identify the good and bad of a financial condition in a business.

Mainly these indicators rely on the cash and service solvency that point out to either deteriorate the financial condition over the course of a period or the improvement on some areas in need to getting polished. Assets, liabilities, the operating solvency and business type activity reflect and set the conditions.

Ask yourself:

Am I doing anything about it or the sales are what I am just using as the focal point to resume with my company’s growth?

Am I aware that my business is bleeding from the inside if the sales just become the focal point?

What can I do? Think you just have an emergency event, you have no plan to act on it and you have to go to the ER as soon as possible. Not the nicest example, but under a crisis there is no option.

Now they will ask you:

What do you feel? When did it happen? What are your symptoms? Are you taking any medications? Is it external or internal?

Lets do some tests

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